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The World Pulse Beats Beyond My Door

Exposed to the harshness of the outdoors, of the soot-covered attic, the wounds of the past, and the pressures to come, Heike Kabisch picks up the pieces of the fractured and fleeting. At this doorway, Kabisch is able to break restrictions of the body, place, and origin. In a steady leap from the den’s soft embrace, she carries the past on her shoulders into the unfamiliar of the elsewhere.’ — Nina Hanz

The World Pulse Beats Beyond My Door is Heike Kabisch’s second monograph. Exploring the rich sculptural world both inside and outside of her studio, this book documents the last five years of the artist’s practice between the mediums of sculpture, installation, drawing and collage. Allowing archival materials, family heirlooms or objects otherwise facing extinction to boil to the surface, this book shows how Heike Kabisch presents fragmentation as a poetic tool for regeneration.

Published and Distributed by ChertLüdde, Berlin

Design: Bernd Grether

Texts: Estelle Hoy, Klara Kayser, Nina Hanz


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