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Updated: May 7, 2023

Co-written with Fiona Glen

"Mycoglossia: Words that branch, connect, search, digest, swell, tunnel, rise, and reduce; words that sit uneasily at the edge of names; words that unexpectedly explode in generous fruiting bodies, littering the landscape with bounty. This is a collection to savor."

— Anna Tsing, author of The Mushroom at the End of the World: On the Possibility of Life in Capitalist Ruins

"For us, fungi are healers and destroyers, plague and nurture, trippy temptresses and toxic threats – a radically connective system that could represent horror or hope. Between yeast, penicillium, prized truffles, and giant subterranean mushrooms, the fungi of Mycoglossia beckon in many tongues: a hyperglossia of hyphae creating a portrait of the animacy of mushrooms, and their relations with human lives and cultures.

Through our collaborative process of critique, co-writing and co-editing, our voices became radically interconnected, as if by mycelial threads. As our myco/micro-collection evolved, we removed all individual authorship from the poems, allowing them to become entirely shared, and as entangled as our subject matter."

— Fiona Glen & Nina Hanz

Mycoglossia was published by Haverthorn Press, December 2022, with cover artwork by Zsófia Jakab. The pamphlet was launch December 10th at ChertLüdde Books, Berlin at the same time as Wera Bet's public intervention Sprawa Kobieca, which I curated at David Horvitz's roaming gallery space within ChertLüdde, Porcino (another mushroom kin!).

Launch photos by Joanna Chwilkowska.


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