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My Daughter Terra

Updated: May 7, 2023

Launched on February 20th, 2023, My Daughter Terra brings together a wide range of international emerging artists, architects, designers and writers engaging with the language and mythologies of environmental responsibilities. Conceptualised in moments of great emergency, the anthology collects many different vantage points and individual perspectives — regional traumas, individual pasts, the most viral of destructions and what might come in the future. These works traverse several forms including photography, personal essays, art texts, plays, poetry, etchings, renderings and much more.

The title, an evolution of how we personify the Earth, was chosen to question the dialogues and oppressive systems we have inherited that distance us from our environmental impacts and responsibilities. The linguistic shift from mother to child suggests our Earth must now be cared for, but also implies that our strength and power have outgrown traditional roles. My Daughter Terra is a rephrasing, yes, but it is also the truth — of how we must fill a new role, with its growing pains and all.

Editor: Nina Hanz

Graphic Design by: Betty Brunfaut and Bakhtawer Haider from Plan B

Published by: Kristina Chan and Jojo Villas from Plaintiff Press

Contributors: Ryan Al-Schamma, Deborah Ashfield, Finchittida Finch, Fiona Glen, Sam Hanner, James Ireland, Jasmin Jelley, Andrea Khôra, Yin Ying Kong, Dasha Loyko, Audrey Magniette, Olivia Powell, Marie Muller Priqueler, Alexandra Riesco, Morgane Van Dam, Harriet Welch, Sid White-Jones. Introduction limited edition bookmark afterword by Nina Hanz.

Photos by Plaintiff Press, London.


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