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Selected Poems

'Watermelon Snow', Anthropocene Journal

'Untitled (from the Silueta Series, 1973-1977 by Ana Medieta', amberflora

'Second Skin', VOGUE 🎥

'Contagion closer to Animal' co-written with Fiona Glen, ARC 🔊

Poetry Pamphlets

Mycoglossia, Haverthorn Press, 2022 co-written with Fiona Glen

Placeholders, Bottlecap Press, 2022


Selected Essays & Reviews

Tender Cannibalism: Diffracting Eva Fàbregas's Devouring Lovers through Daisy Lafarge's Lovebug, 2023, Arts of the Working Class

The Flesh, The Mesh, The Mushroom, 2023 co-written with Fiona Glen, Map Magazine

Review of Life Without Air, 2021, Spam 

Review of Thao Nguyen Phan"s Becoming Alluvium, 2020, This is tomorrow

Minerva in Seven Pieces: Review of Johanna Hedva's nonfiction book, 2020, Map Magazine 


'The Act of Naming: Review of Placeholders' by Frith Taylor, 2022, Review 31

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