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SPAM Zine - 'Life without Air' by Daisy Lafarge 

This is Tomorrow - 'The Seaweed collectors Handbook'' by Miek Zwamborn

Falmouth Anchor - 'Hidden at the Tate St. Ives


Polemical Zine - 'Driveway Down

poem on page 70.

Excess Zine - 'Jenny Jump Mountain

Vogue CS - 'Second Skin

In this video, four RCA graduates read from their final projects and discuss the body in writing at Arts at the Assembly House. My reading begins at 20:31

ARC Magazine - 'Contagion Closer to Animal

or listen here!

Ache Magazine - 'Aftercare

The Pluralist - 'Cell Division' 

Attention Anthology - 'Poems for a Riso Print

some available to read here.


NOIT 5: Bodies as in Buildings - 'Anatomy of Time

The Falmouth Anchor - 'A Circular Goodbye

Vogue CS campaign to spotlight local fashion during the Covid-19 Pandemic. Written by me

The Falmouth Anchor - 'And Where Are You From?


Latest Magazine - 'Naming the Trend: Landhausmode'

Latest Magazine - 'Interview with Marina Hoemanseder'

Daisy World Magazine - 'Five Sisters'