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Cleveland Review of Books - 'Old Monarch' by Courtney Marie Andrews

Peripheries Journal - 'The Book of Water' by Andreas Philippopoulos-Mihalopoulos

SPAM Zine - 'Life without Air' by Daisy Lafarge 

This is Tomorrow - 'The Seaweed collectors Handbook'' by Miek Zwamborn

Falmouth Anchor - 'Hidden at the Tate St. Ives


Anthropocene - 'Watermelon Snow'

Amberflora Zine - 'Untitled (from the Silueta Series,

1973 - 1977) by Ana Mendiente

Daisy World Magazine - 'Five Sisters'

Polemical Zine - 'Driveway Down

poem on page 70.

Excess Zine - 'Jenny Jump Mountain

Vogue CS - 'Second Skin

ARC Magazine - 'Contagion Closer to Animal

or listen here!

Ache Magazine - 'Aftercare

The Pluralist - 'Cell Division' 

Attention Anthology - 'Poems for a Riso Print

some available to read here.

Vogue CS campaign to spotlight local fashion during the Covid-19 Pandemic. Written by me

In this video, four RCA graduates read from their final projects and discuss the body in writing at Arts at the Assembly House. My reading begins at 20:31


Printmaking Today - 'Artist Profile: Kristina Chan'

NOIT 5: Bodies as in Buildings - 'Anatomy of Time

The Falmouth Anchor - 'A Circular Goodbye

The Falmouth Anchor - 'And Where Are You From?


Latest Magazine - 'Naming the Trend: Landhausmode'

Latest Magazine - 'Interview with Marina Hoemanseder'