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Hay cuerpos cansados por el viaje que buscan enraizarse

Updated: Dec 27, 2022

I had the pleasure of editing Sofía Salazar Rosales’ first publication for her solo exhibition Hay cuerpos cansados por el viaje que buscan enraizarse (There are bodies tired from the journey seeking to root) at ChertLüdde's project space Bungalow in Berlin. In this collection of letters, Ecuadorian-Cuban artist Sofía Salazar Rosales addresses the sculptural objects presented – and left behind – in her solo exhibition at Bungalow. Weaving together the works’ formal progressions with the growing affection she feels towards them, Salazar Rosales’ writing becomes an intimate extension of her physical practice. “Sometimes we examine our tissue, to see how the cartography of our scars mutates… There seems to be coexistence in our subcutaneous landscape.” With close consideration of her objects containing great social and historical value, Salazar Rosales creates an oscillating proximity between herself and her work. Overlapping with poetic resonance, the selected journal entries touch on themes of reconciliations that occur within the objects and artist, as well as the audience.

The book was launched at ChertLüdde, Berlin on April 29th during the vernissage and was later selected for the curated presentation HOW(EVER) at Kunsthalle Portikus during Frankfurter Buchmesse. For the exhibition's finissage, I curated a special event featuring work by Sofía Salazar Rosales and readings and performances by Mayra A. Rodríguez Castro and Savanna Morgan.

Editor: Nina Hanz

English translation: Mayra A. Rodríguez Castro Graphic design: Jessica Payne

Publisher: ChertLüdde

Sofía Salazar Rosales (left) & I (right) reading at the vernissage.


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