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When it comes to museums, what you see is what you get. Or it is? During the grand re-opening weekend in mid-October, works of art you wouldn’t expect to find came out from hiding.

Hidden in the Tate St. Ives

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On May 20th of 2019, the scientific community bid adieu to a weighty artefact affectionately known as Le Grand K. On the same day, World Metrology Day, a new book was launched.

Book Review: Killing the Kilogram

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Suspended in an arachnophobia-inducing presentation of engineering, architecture and science, Nina Hanz recalls a summer’s worth of nightmares…

A Spider's Wit: Tomás Saraceno's In


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 'And Where Are You From?'

Whether motivated by politeness or genuine curiosity, it never felt like a question with a simple response. 

In Praise of Daughterhood

I think the exact moment of my adulthood began when my mother asked me when we should take my father off the machine. This is the moment my childhood had abruptly come to and end.

Cornwall: A Circular Goodbye

To the girl on the U1 bus, I hope you will realize that Cornwall will always be part of a complex, nonlinear part of her own life.


Exclusive Interview with Designer Marina Hoemanseder

Somewhere over the rainbow, you are sure to find one of Berlin Fashion Week's brightest stars: Marina Hoemanseder.

Exclusive Interview with Black Velvet Circus

As the name suggests, the online store and label has become mystic and electrifying, yet cool and casual – not at all far from what we might expect an off duty trapeze artist might wear on a spontaneous trip to the market.

Call the Trend by What it is: Landhausmode

Nobody seems to agree on one name for this fashion trend. However, the German language offers a term which could work...

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